What Jonas Brother song is most liked?

What Jonas Brother song is most liked? My most liked is Girl Of My Dreams!

Answer #1

“When you look me in the eyes” I love that song.

Answer #2

I loveee “when you look me in the eyes”

Answer #3

Either when you look me in the eyes thats the way we roll

Answer #4

“When You Look Me In The Eyes” Its a cute song.

Answer #5

BURNIN’ UP!!! right now it is at least..its #2 last time I checked on itunes and is like #1 I think on our radio stations top 9@9 so yea probably that now…

Answer #6

I Am What I Am. :D I would say What I got to School for… BUT!!! that’s not their song. it belongs to Busted.

Answer #7

I say BURNING UP TOO! Nick is sooo cute too!

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