Are you supposed to wash inside your vagina?

I’ve been having some issues with an odor “down there” and I was wondering while cleaning it is it possible to clean the inside too?To make sure the germs get out?

Answer #1

I think when you have your period it cleans its self out kinda like a self cleaning oven(now im never gonna look at an oven the same way again)

Answer #2

What Pinkpearl says is 100% right, but in addition…

If you didn’t used to notice a smell, and now you do, you may have a yeast or a bacterial overgrowth or infection. It would be a good idea to go for an exam. If you can’t afford a doctor, see if there are any clinics you can go to. Planned Parenthood also may be able to help you.

Good Luck

Answer #3

The inside does a good job of cleaning itself. The vagina has a very acidic environment, and if the pH balance is upset, you end up with yeast infections. Soap is very alkaline, the opposite of acid. If you ever do need to wash it out for some reason, a vinegar/water douche is the only thing thats recommended. But that should never really be necessary.

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