Who knows if messing with my hair is bad?

Im 7 months pregnat and I’ve been told that straightining my hair is bad.is it true??

Answer #1

Using chemicals in your hair while pregnant is always bad because breathing in those fumes can hurt your baby. If you mean using a hair tool such as a straitening iron or curling iron, it will not affect your baby at all, but while you are pregnant… your baby is taking a lot of calcium and nutrients from you that would normally be going to your hair to make it healthy. When women are pregnant there are many changes to your hair’s health and texture and it may dry out or become brittle and break easier if you use hot tools on it too much. I lost a lot of hair just from blowdrying when I was pregnant.

Answer #2

Uhuh. Obviously you’ve never heard of a hair iron (really, it exists). I dont know what you mean by a ‘regular’ hair straightener. To make this simple, if you’re talking about a chemical straightener (I.e. pouring something into your hair to make it straight) you probably want to talk to your doctor.

Answer #3

the regular hair strightner not an iron for clothes.

Answer #4

A regular hair staightener shouldn’t be harmful, but you could ask your doctor at your next appointment. You should stay away from chemicals like hair dye because they aren’t good for the baby or you. Hope I helped :)

Answer #5

flatirons will only fry your hair if you use them too much.

Answer #6

Are you talking about a chemical straightener or an iron?

Answer #7

straightening your hair isnt bad…

do you mean bad for baby or for you? because they are both negatives

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