Who knows how much a psp cost?

Well I’ve always wanted one but didnt know how much it costed so if anyone knows please let me know.. & no wise answers please

Answer #1

I have no idea how much it costs, but do not buy it in stores. You can find them brand new and used on Ebay and craigslist. I do most of my shopping there, you will save a fortune (: hope this helped

Answer #2

An actual PSP is about $170CAD(without taxes). A PSP GO is about $250CAD(without taxes).

And thats if you were to buy it in store.

If you get it off e-bay for example or a used game shop then it will be cheaper.

Answer #3

I have a psp sitting right next to me and I use it for a social site. they cost about 160 depending where you get them .. at game stop they are 160.

Answer #4

I bought a psp 3000 at walmart for $169 plus tax it was $182

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