How much can you put on a PSP memory card?

Ok im thinking about buying a PSP for christmas…well having my mom buy it, but yea. Um so im wondering like how much can you put on a 32mb memory card? or 128mb or 2/4gb? which would be like certianley enough So please lemme know. Thanx.

Answer #1

ah ya, thats what I ment…like enough memory to hold games and not be running out, so it sounds like a 1gb will be good enough. Thanx!

Answer #2

I Have A 1 GB & I’m Quite Happy With That.

As Do One Of My Friends Who Has Music/Vids/Trillions Of Games On It. & They Seem To Be Happy With 1 GB.

Make Sure Your Mum Knows You Need To Buy A Memory Card Seperate. Mine Didn’t -_-‘ So We Had To Go Out & Get One.

Answer #3

Enough for what? I wouldn’t even bother with a 32MB stick. 1 GB sticks are available for < $20. If you use your PSP to play mp3s or watching ripped DVDs and downloaded TV shows on it you will want more space.

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