Who is right, Pelosi or Hillary ?

Pelosi has not publicly endorsed either Clinton or Barack Obama in their hotly contested White House battle, but she recently said superdelegates should support whoever emerges from the nomination contests with the most pledged delegates – which appears almost certain to be Obama - Hillary says, No, superdelagates should vote for whomever they wish - Who is right, Pelosi or Hillary ?

Answer #1

Pelosi got a letter today: 20 of Clinton’s top fund-raisers issued a veiled threat to Pelosi and warned her to change her tune. “We have been strong supporters of the [Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee],” they wrote, referring to the House fund-raising arm overseen by Pelosi. “We therefore urge you to clarify your position on superdelegates and reflect in your comments a more open view.” Sources said Pelosi was infuriated by the implied threat the donors would quit giving cash to the committee.

Answer #2

There are some people starting to call for a superdelagates primary in june right after puerto rico. It would be non-binding into the convention, but at least that way they can make there intentions known, and hopefully force one to quit. I think that is a great idea.

Answer #3

Yeah, lol John McCain is already visiting foreign heads of state and basically has everything in place for his national campaign. I think it is starting to hurt the party, I wasn’t as sure a couple weeks ago.

Answer #4

“ I also believe the fact that two states in the unions votes are not counting makes it even tougher.”

I agree, that is ridiculous. Florida is a key state…

Answer #5

Amblessed, what is your purpose in posting the same thing in multiple questions. What are you trying to accomplish?

Answer #6

Yes, the whole florida/michigan debacle is terrible. But the only way to correct it now is with a revote, and that looks unlikely now.

You are right butterfly, that is the reason the superdelgates are there, and now we are seeing why the whole concept is not good. If you had one candidate who was not really viable, maybe it might make sense to let the supers decide. But that is not the case.

And Semi1900, I think Obama would do better against McCain. But either way, the longer this takes to decide, the worse the chance are in November. We can not wait until august to have this decided. The latest it should go is the last primary in June. And even that is too long, since the remaining primaries are not going to change anything. It will still come down to the supers.

Answer #7

This election is a lot like the 1984 election when Walter Mondale and Gary Hart were facing off for the Democratic nomination. Mondale was successful and courting the superdelegates early on and getting their support, while Hart did not because he didn’t believe it was the right thing to do. That ended up being a mistake for him, and Mondale pulled away with the nomination.

I don’t know how I feel about this because many of Obama’s victories have been in states that will most likely go to McCain in the national election, whereas Clinton has won in several key states like Ohio, and also leads in Pennsylvania and Florida (the latter of which is important in the national election, of course not the primaries). I still believe Clinton will do better in a national election than Obama against McCain, but I’m still kind of on the fence about Clinton just dropping out now.

Answer #8

I think the reason super delegates are there is to make a decission from their best interest as a state. I also believe the fact that two states in the unions votes are not counting makes it even tougher. If it was just left up to the majority of supers then what is the point in having them. Why not just say such and such states votes count more then others, so if you get those states, you won. So I guess I agree with Hillary on that one.

Answer #9

The democrats are a bunch of idiots! Hillary should let it go, she’s not going to be nominated unless the superdelegates vote for her and then she might lose the general election for the democrats. I think the superdelegates should stick to the popular vote. It doesn’t matter who they think should win, at the end of the day their votes in the general election won’t count more than anyone elses…

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