Who is going to have a fun magical christmas?

How feels like their going to have a great christmas? What are you getting? What have you gotten for others? I hope to get a phone and a ps3 game, and I got an amazing bunch of gifts from my friends, a very nice silver chain from a girl. It was very nice. Whos been to party already apart from me? This is a pure all for fun question so put whatever you want about your 2009 christmas in here. Merry christmas!!!

Answer #1

well my xmas’s are never the same but I’ll b home chilling I actually don’t have much family left that want’s much to do with me and my mom goes to her cousins xmas eve and xmas day she’ll be with her boyfriend’s family so im staying home 4 sure got my mojito cocktail mix so im good. lol

Answer #2

I hope I do, sounds like your having a lovely christmas, I hope you have a even better one tomorrow, I’m so excited. I’ve got some sweets and a 2010 calander from friends, and I think I’m getting a dvd and a ipod off each my brothers, (but I hope not because my presents aren’t as expensive). I haven’t been to a party yet, I’m going to one after christmas though, hehe. Have a great christmas everyone XD

Answer #3

for Christmas I got money, and spent it all on other peoples presents = / and now I get to go spend Christmas with my family that I barley know.. theres nothing worse then stranger family. uhg.

Answer #4

I think it will be great. Opening presents at 12 AM tonight. Hopefully gonna be drinking sparkling apple cider. I am getting season one of Dollhouse. Shhh. My mom doesn’t know I saw it when she was buying it. I shouldn’t look around stores so much

Answer #5

that sounds great. I hope you have as much fun as I did last night… when you mix vokda and a game of charades together it becomes a hilarious party to remember. same 2 u!

Answer #6

I think this xmas is going to be great, actually. I am hopefully getting some new pyjamas… I actually haven’t been to a party yet, but am looking foward to one!

          Merry christmas.
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