Dylan and cole sprouse

Do you love dylan and cole sprouse? And Who is cuter dylan or cole? And What do you knew about thiem? :):)

Answer #1

17 or 16 years I think

Answer #2

LOL! I like cole more, but like 2 years ago,, I was obsessed with dylan and I decided we were going to get married. I like totally planned out our life! lol.

Answer #3

haha. I love them <3 I’d always though Dylan was cuter!

Answer #4

I love them both!<3 for me..cole is cuter than dylan…^_^

Answer #5

I love them bot how old are they

Answer #6

hahahahaaa. I love them bothh. butt coles cutter I think. =]

Answer #7

I prefer cole but dylans cool too :]

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