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Who is behind the town hall disruptions?

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The state of the current healthcare debate is disgraceful. Instead of serious discussion about such an extremely important issue to ALL Americans, we have a few misguided people completely disrupting and shutting down congressional town hall meetings about healthcare. These people have been spurred on by alleged "grass-roots" efforts to do what ever they can to stop efforts at healthcare reform, including preventing the discussion from ever happening. The fact is it is not "grass roots" organizations that are pushing these people to behave this way. It is rightwing strategists and agents of the health insurance industry that are behind it. These people, mostly seniors, are being manipulated with fears of socialism and death panels, and they don't even realize it. It is no wonder it happens when you have the likes of Dick Morris on Fox News saying, “I would urge people to go to these town meetings... Go to the meetings and don’t listen to the people… that you should be very nice and polite and stick your hand up and ask mild-mannered questions. Nonsense! These people are trying to take away your health care in six weeks!” He also said that people should "terrorize" moderate democrats to make sure they don't vote for any healthcare reform. This type of hyperbolic vitriol has one goal, and it is not to engage in two-sided debate. It is to prevent any debate from ever happening. If those opposed to healthcare reform want to voice their opinions, it is welcomed. But they should not be allowed to prevent others from expressing theirs.

Why are they afraid of any debate? Could it be the health insurance industry knows once people hear the actual facts, there will be overwhelming support?