Who here trusts Tarot Cards in relationship questions?!?

I don’t know if I do or don’t trust the tarots, runes, iching, and stuff like that, but for the most part they all seem to hit every question right on the head. But when I ask about relationship stuff it’s always very shady… I ask about other stuff and it’s dead on, but everytime I ask about love it’s real wierd, never gives a clear answer… I think numerology is the most accurate of all readings, esp in compatibility.. anyone else here into that kind of stuff? The runes are also pretty accurate, but I think I like tarot better…

Answer #1

I agree with torikeene and arachnid on this question. (Yeah, I know. Hard to believe, huh?)

Anyway, I’ve never really felt comfortable with the Tarot. They are incredibly dangerous, I have several aquaintances who would like to fancy themselves witches because they play with Tarot Cards. I always make sure that I’m not around when they do a reading.

Although they’re nothing but mere cards to some, I see them as a tool that’s not to be messed around with. I would ask someone who actually knows what they’re doing to do a reading, but even then I’m not always all that pro-Tarot.

I’ve never found them to be reliable, and I’ve also found them to be quite vague. It’s like Arachnid said. You want them to be right, so you look for things that match up.

Have I done a reading before? Yes. Have they come true? They have. Am I a true believer? No.

Maybe it’s because of past experiences with my wannabe-witch friends? Sure.

Whatever it is, if you do plan on doing a reading, have someone experienced do the reading, but remember that you decide your own fate in the end. The reading will differentiate. And ‘Be specific!!!’ (I quote Mr. Bradley. ^^)

If you ask a question, be ask specific as possible. And since it’s a relationship problem, remember that there are different kinds of love. Specify which on it is you mean when you ask a question.

Hope I helped you out a little!

Good Luck and Blessed Be!

Answer #2

It’s called “cognitive bias”. You expect them to work - or at least want them to - so you single out the ‘predictions’ that seem to be borne out and ignore the failures. In truth, they’re no better than randomly picking things.

Answer #3

lmao I said “There is now a why steming off my right palm.” I meant a why like the letter, thats what it looks like on my palm and now looking again it has now started touching the main line that it was only near before… strange

Answer #4

not sure about the symbol. but maybe you and this girl should just talk it out. fate dosent exect my friend. we hold our future and it isnt written. your destiney is your path but fate is not so. good luck

Answer #5

probably, a big reason that they work is because you beleive in em, but the wierd thing is I’ve beleived in em for a long time and never had any doubt so why all of the sudden would they start to be in accurate if I still had faith in em?

Answer #6

I believe it is dangerous to mess with something you don’t fully understand. I’m not trying to get on anyone’s case here, but if you don’t know what you are dealing with you are a child playing with matches. Whether you believe in the occult or not, and no matter what stance you take on the occult or religion, either way you go about it, don’t do anything until you fully understand the consequences.

Answer #7

I ued tarrot & it was right on with the relationship questions. My friends girlfriend was trying to get her friend’s boy friend to break up with her so she might date him. Both my friesnd broke up with their partners , & wouldn’t you know it, that’s just what happned, my frined’s ex girlfriend went out with my friend’s ex boyfriend Perhaps it’s because you’re not putting your full trust & you are beginign to doubt the cards that it turns out that way.

Answer #8

I use tarot cards (as in I give the readings) and I kid you not everyone of my predictions has came true. so of course I believe in them

Answer #9

I think that sounds right, I hear the answer I don’t like so I hope it’s wrong… I have a feeling it’s right, but even if thats my fate, I’ll still beat it. If I show her enough love, then cards or not, she’ll love me back. I know she has at some point but after 3 years sometimes I’m not sure if she does anymore… I like the runes and all that too but tarot is awesome… also I’ve had a strange Marking appear on my hand. It’s just in the lines of my palm. There is now a why steming off of my right palm, next to the big line that circles the thumb. It’s never been there before, any ideas?

Answer #10

it sounds like your not clearing your head enough. or maybe you are subconsouesly ignoring the answer in hopes its wrong. I assume your doing the reading yourself insted of having it done. if thats the case have someone else do the reading for you that knows what they are doing. I’ve studied tarots for 5 years. and still every now and then if im too close to a situation ill have another reader do the reading. most the time it helps. maybe your not getting the meaning. if you use Rider-Waite send me the card layout and the cards in their positions and ill give you my inturption

Answer #11

wow I’m dumb, even when I corrected myself I put why again… its a Y!!! not a why! lol, sorry

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