What-question about tarot cards?

Ok so I bought a set of tarot cards and I need to know if I need to do anything before I touch or use the cards. Like for good luck or protection from accidentlly doing something evil?? Also it comes with a book and a box for the cards so any info I need to know about it would be appreciated.

Answer #1

Agreed with the above answers.

Hmmm…let me guess Hanson Roberts The essential Tarot Book and ard Set ? It was my first deck, and I still use it nearly 5 years later, lol.

There’s many different types of Decks out there. Make sure you’re drawn to the tarot, that you’ve a connection with it, otherwise it wont work to well. Example, someone I know at the flea marker near where I use to live uses the “Super Hero Tarot”, he’s amazing. All he needs is your name. I remember I picked up the “Joseph Vargo Tarot Set”, it was a mystical @ss(though it works very well for a friend of mine), so I’m stuck using my first Tarot deck, lol. Make sure you build a good relationship with your cards.

Also, if you’re doing a reading for another person, have them shuffle the deck. When translating the cards to the person, don’t leave anything out, even if it is bad news.

Another thing you can do is open a circle around your working space with the cards so you wont have any lingering energy when you close it, and to help you concentrate. Some practitioners do, I usually don’t.

Answer #2

One thing you have to be careful with Tarot is that you may get to know things that you rather don’t want to know, so be careful when asking questions, think twice if you really wanna know that, it is not advisable to ask about other people’s privacy, obviously. If you want to ask about other person, first do a one card reading asking the Tarot if it’s ok to ask about that someone.

Answer #3

generally people dont understand wicca and paganism. thats why they are rude, they are also scared.

what you should do before using the cards is have them with you all the time in order for them to ‘absorb’ your energy. the readings will get better with time as the cards need to get to know you and get to know how you interpret things. never ever use them for evil and never do a reading on someone who has not given consent. also dont let anyone else do readings with your cards.

Answer #4

You are contradicting yourself. Blackmagic & even some voodo preistes use tar rot. All three of these things that are mentioned here {T-cards, voodoo,Blackmagic Are of evil. You cany make any cards have good luck. By the way, luck is for people want to run accross yhe 8-lane interstate during 500 traffic. Good luck

Answer #5

Hope you Can Still read this. Tarot cards are part of Spiritism and God Condemns That ( Revelation 21:8) Their all Bad because Satin is Behind all this thats why God Says to Stay away from that because we can suffer from this. If you dont believe in god It doesnt matter, You Believing In god or Not it doesnt matter because Jehovah God Exist ( Psalms 83:18)Satin can still hurt you, Since Satin is behind spiritism he can Mess With you, he can get inside and read your mind, make you see things Its something you want to stay Away.

I hope you read this and think about it.

xoxo Heidi

Answer #6

well, too heidi…I think you watch way too many tv shows. cause not everything wiccans/pagans do is EVIL. and yes I am a wiccan. soo booo 2 u. and I’ve used my tarot cards 0nce sense I got them and nothing bad happened. plus I know what im doing so trust me aint no satin getting into my thoughts. mmkay? drugs are bad for you. mmkay.

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