Who has tried colored contacts, are they worth it?

I really want to try blue colored contacts. But they are really expensive, and I dont know if they work good or if they are worth it. Has anyone tried them?

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I have had colored contacts for about a year now, I've always thought they're really fun to wear, but like many people say, it can look really fake sometimes. I have green eyes and brown ones look fake on me, but blue ones look natural. What many people may not know is eye care proffesionals usually carry a lot of free-trial samples that you may try on when you're getting an eye check-up. Not some that you can take home with you and wear (because they actually say sample on them, but its not visible when you try it on) but only to test in their little mirror. Hope I've helped!

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I had color contacts for a while, and I loved them when I had them :) I have light blue eyes naturally, but I used different greens and even some deeper blues. depending on the intensity they'll look pretty fake, but mainly people just come up to you and ask if that's your real eye color! haha

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Ihave honey colored brown eyes and I have grey colored contacts. They weren't that expensive. I got 4 boxesfor about $30. But my insurence covered some of it. And at first they are a little uncomfortable, but you get used to them and they look good. Mine almost look light blue. People say they look very natural on me.

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colored contacts always look fake and tacky, unless you get them by prescription which can be really expensive, and even then, its still really noticeable that youre wearing them.
I tried them once, and it wasn't worth it at all. I would just try to play up your own natural eye color with makeup (:

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it depends on what ones you get
as there are diferent kinds and colour combinations
there are plain bright blue contacts that would look obviouse
and there are ones that look more like natural eyes
since you have brown hair and a light skin colour I reckon they would suit ou
but not the bright plain blue ones ou see a lot of alternative people wearing, because they do look obviously fake
just make sure you dont get them from a market, see a doctor as they should know wree you can find good cosmetic contacts

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Well there is this girl at my school.
She is Mexican American and she
has almost black eyes. She wears
blue colored contacts and even though
her eyes are so dark they end up being
a really blue color. So usually they work
pretty well.

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oh, and I have dark brown eyes too. I want to know if they have good colors for dark eyes.

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