Where can I get good color eye contacts?

where can i get some color contact on a website where i can trust or something?

Answer #1

pretty much any eye doctor building sells them, go there and buy some but i’d imagine they’re kind of pricey.

Answer #2

okey and hey it worth it :)

Answer #3

yeah, and i know right! i want green ones lol

Answer #4

OMG my favorite color and me too && i also want blue ^_^

Answer #5

yeahh! i love green and hazel eyes; i have blue eyes, i don’t really like them that much! lol

Answer #6

You can also try places/stores that sell prescription glasses. I got my contacts from them. But make sure it’s a good trustworthy store.

Answer #7

If you go to your eye doctor and get your iris diamiter and pupil diameter then you can order them offline

Answer #8

I’ve seen them at beauty shops and clothing stores. You can probably buy some at your local mall.

Answer #9

an eye doctor

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