Who has never walked through a screen door?

Who can honestly say they havn’t or don’t know anyone who has walked into a screen door?

Answer #1

I’ve not walked through one, but I’m sure I know of someone who has - they just haven’t told me.

Answer #2

A glass door, when I was little. Only cause it was, like, reeeaalllyy clean and looked like it was open cause of it. Though walking through/into a screen door would be a lot less painful. Though you might go through it.

Answer #3

LOL ME!!! well not a screen door a glass door we were in my grandmas place in Florida of course theirs not many kids running around her house! so there was a glass door I RAN into it two times!

Answer #4

lol ya maybe because its embarassing!

Answer #5

My boyfriend litterally walked through a glass door. Like, he thought it was open and he walked through it. He was all tore up, but it was super funny afterward.

Answer #6

ya I’ve run into screen doors and glass doors before. Its all the same

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