Who has ever or does have a mechanical baby?

I just need some information about real care babies(the mechanical babies). How do I do some certain stuff about the babies. Anyone who has ever had one, does have one, or knows anything about them, I would greatly appreciate all of their help! And another question is if some stuff it does normal. thanks a lot for all of your answers!!!

Answer #1

where can I get a mechanical baby

Answer #2

I had one about a week ago! I went everywhere ith it… bad choice lol. it acts really real. if I were you, I would ducktape the head to its chest so its head wont drop back and also if you get annoyed easily, tape the speakers so its quieter.(: it goes by pretty fast. good luck!

Answer #3

I took one home like 2 months ago, it was pretty easy to me, and yes it acted real it cried at like 1 and 4 in the morning you have to burp it feed it change it sometimes it just wonts to be held, and you have to support the head b/c it does move,

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