Who has answered the most questions on funadvice?

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Thank you 'dude' - you've got a great thing going here - helping lots of people - you and your crew do a great job...Take care !!

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Greetings Sir bimjob - you are indeed a gentleman and a scholar - have a great day !!

Why won't funadvice let me ask some questions?

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Hee hee.
As I was typing my answer (see above) who should slip in an answer but amblessed himself. GREETINGS, amblessed, and good morning!

Don't answer a question with completely off topic advice

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Also amblessed (who I respect but don't always agree with) has 3,399 as of now.

Kudos to ALL of the diligent people who make this site interesting and so informative. From the great answers and questions, to the obvious care and concern they express.

Now you can use smiley's in your questions and answers
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Unfortunately, I have a lot of stuff to do & can't answer as much as I'd like.

Eventually, I hope to get ahead of everybody else, but it's a lot of work :)

And yes, amblessed, sikishimmer, locoluna, and lots of other people with tons of answers really make this site what it is.

My thanks.

(a funadvice question) my profile...

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(3,558) prkswllflwr and (2,729) thedude, that means prkswllflwr.

Why don't you answer my question?
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Probley 'thedude'

Are the answers to my questions appearing?

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I think THEDUDE has from what I ahve seen

Does Funadvice limit the number of "likes" that you can give in a certain question?

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