What is the most answered question on funadvice?

What is the most answered question on funadvice? And how many answers does it have?

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I saw a question that had 58 answers. It was titled 'Masturbation with a Pickle'. I didn't bother to read the answers. I think there was some kind of war about vegetables :D

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I think the more appropriate version of this should be "What question is asked most" XD And for that I have narrowed it down to. "IM PREGGO AT UNDER 18" And "My boyfriend is cheaitng on me what to do" :P

cant find where to see answers to my questions

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think it was one with 371 like 4 years ago. someone asked that qustion few wks ago and I answered it

Why doesn't anyone answer my questions?
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Woah What was the question?

How come you can only rate 3 answers per question?

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