Why does my dog eat cigarette ashes?

I have a question? How come almost everytime I flick my ashes off my cigarette my dog comes and licks it. I was just wondering why and is it good or what . I just dont understand . is she ok ? DOSE ANYONE KNOW ??

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dogs are stupid by nature... best start flicking your ash where they cant get to it ;)

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its bad for your dog..
you shouldnt really be flicking your cigarette ashes.
get an ashray, use it, then throw your ashes away

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He probably goes after it just because it's moving...I don't think it's bad or good for him...there's little left of anything, once it's burned.


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My dog has taken to doing the same thing. Only it's not right after I flick the ash, it's when I've missed the can and ash remains on the ground. Its my opinion that they are probably deficient of some mineral that can be found in the ash. Animals are great for self regulating when they need something (as you've probably witnessed yourself as your dog ears grass at times when their stomach needs it).. I would assume however that it's not healthy for them. Probably getting a multi vitamin with minerals will do the trick :)

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