Who should we vote for, obama or clinton?

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I'd vote for obama. these white people are h8ters. but it IS true that he will get assasinated. but I DONT THINK RACE should have anything to do with it. we should just vote for who evers best for america. and I think obama is. clinton...people keep calling her smart, but its something dense about her... oh, well,...whatever. VOTE OBAMA! ! !

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obama promises the world
and doesnt deliver
he's too young for office
and hillary is a wonderful women

but I do think both of them should stop playing the stupid "he said - she said" game

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I don't really care they're both pawns to politcal means and pretty much are both interchangable. They both promise the sames things but in different terms. They both plan to change everything and make America go into a depression instead of staying the course and letting things come back up. No, I'm a democrat but right now that's not what we need because we're falling fast.

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Obama of course he may be young but things may be better and besides it's time for a change.

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I would vote for Hilary cause she is a Clinton duh!!! and she is a woman she should show that woman can be President too ! GO HILL!!!

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i <3 Obama.

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