Is obama catching up to clinton for 2008?

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4/29/08: FINALLY, Barak 'I can no more disown Rev. Wright than the black community' Obama, has had a sudden change - people I know came to that very same conclusion (Wright is wrong) a very long time ago - just 48 hrs ago he was defending Rev. Wright - today the sudden change - some chickens have apparently come home to Roost !

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Obama, in a 1996 candidate survey, revealed his 2nd Amendment answer: asked if he supports legislation to, “ban the manufacture, sale and possession of handguns.” His one-word answer—uncommonly direct and lacking the flowery eloquence we’ve come to expect from him—was “Yes.”

Can we say mandate?

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4/3/08: Jane Fonda today endorsed Obama - I know Hillary's relieved as any candidate would be !!

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Yes Oprah is very powerful and has helped him out greatly..

I thought about this today:

If Obama won, he would be the first African American president.
If Clinton won , she would be the first female president.

Now if Obama won, he would not want to have Clinton as vice.
Reason: Some crazy person would say "Clinton should definitely be president and be the first female president." This would be a great way to be in danger if you had the other as your vice president. Obama would be at a high risk of being killed. There's psychotic people out there who would kill the president just to have the vice be president and risk being in jail for life.

The same goes if Clinton won and Obama for some reason would be the vice.

If they are smart enough they would see that too.

At the specific moment, there's a lot of rumors going around about the two. I don't mind either RIGHT NOW.

Eventually skeletons will come out of their closets and for me it's too early in the campaign to establish a favorite.

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they both would be the first of their kind in presidency. Obama DEFINATELY. I've established my favourite, hilary is smart but she does not have enough, she wouldnt be as sympathetic to less economically developed countries as Obama would, and we NEED to help those countries so we can maintain a more fair painless world.

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Hilary Clinton is an idiot...

I'm replublican... But out of the democrats... I prefer Obama...

And to answer your question... Yes... I think he is.

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Thats so pathetic that people will base their answer to this question based off of some crap they heard about Oprah...The fact of the matter is that financially the Clintons have much more support from lobbyists and other politicos. in general, she has way more connections and financial resources than Obama.

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Right now, they are running neck & neck. I would hate to see Obama get in as president because I read somewhere that he is a Muslim. I saw him at a gathering where he didn't put his hand over his heart and say the pledge to the American Flag. Most presidents we have had in office try to respect the flag. Everyone else was saying the pledge but, he just stood there like a bump on a log.

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Really, last I heard about Obama and this may be outdated, but he was planning to strike Iran once he became president. If this were to occur, the president of Venezuela and other countries will put an embargo on the U.S.'s oil trade. Meaning that we will not receive oil from other countries meaning, our oil prices will go sky high!!! So that being in mind I can't see the democrats voting Obama as the democratic representative unfortunately. =( But if he were to change that idea I think he'd be backed much more by the democrats. So nah I don't see it happening, I doubt anyone is passing Clinton at this point.

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No, he/she can not catch up Clinton for so many reasons.

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yes I do espiceally with the help of oprah
some people say they dont care if a celebraty endorses a compagne but oprah is OPRAH shell help him win the rase(ihope)

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After watching the Obama speech today, I have some Random thoughts:

- He stated previously that he was not present at any of these inflammatory sermons, yet today said 'I was'.

- Previously stated he wasn't aware Rev Wright was 'controversial', yet months ago the reason he gave for canceling Rev Wright to give the prayer at his entering the race announcement was 'some of his sermons are kind of rough'.

- His wife is middle-aged, yet she states 'now is the first time I have been proud of America in my lifetime' (not exact words but close).

- it is common for people to judge people by 'the friends they keep'

- I find many of Rev Wright's views frightening for many reasons.

- it seemed to me he was saying in the overall tone of the message - whites are racist / African-Americans are not.

- he seemed to equate what Rev Wright said with what Geraldine Farraro said.

- he remembered what his Grandmother's views were from childhood, yet not more recent views of Rev Wright.

- seems to me if you genuinely believe for 20 years he did not notice / figure out what was coming from that pulpit - how can one come to the conclusion as President he would have the ability and awareness to recognize bad judgement, execute due diligence, and be able to accutely discern matters - be an effective Leader of the Country.

- He is selling himself as very different from Rev Wright, he refuses to totally separate himself.

Again, these are just Random thoughts I had which I think merits 'food for thought'.

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I'd rather have someone else then one of those two.

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YES. Clinton is trending downward and Obama is trending upward. If there were about 2 more weeks it looks like they'd be dead even. Unfortunately Super Tuesday is in 3 days~

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Obama voting:

Obama voted against the confirmation of John Roberts for the Supreme Court, saying he “far more often used his formidable skills on behalf of the strong in opposition to the weak.”
He also cast a vote against Samuel Alito and even voted in favor of a filibuster to stall his confirmation.
Obama opposed a bill in 2006 that would have denied citizenship or other legal status to illegal immigrants, and voted last year against a measure that would have allowed police to question people about their immigration status under certain circumstance.
He voted in favor of the immigration reform bill sponsored by John McCain and Ted Kennedy that would have allowed many illegal aliens to become legal residents.
Last October Obama voted for an act that would have allowed illegal immigrants who become permanent legal residents to qualify for lower in-state tuition rates at state universities. That measure was opposed by Democrats in a number of swing states that could be pivotal in this year’s election, MSNBC observed.
The Illinois Senator voted against a 2006 bill to prohibit the transportation of a minor girl across state lines to get an abortion if this would circumvent parental consent.
Obama voted against a bill extending the cuts in capital gains and dividends tax rates that Congress enacted in 2003, and against the repeal of the tax on inherited wealth, the estate tax.
In June 2006, Obama voted against a bill that would have required President Bush to withdraw most U.S. troops from Iraq by July 1, 2007. But this past September, he joined 27 other Democrats in voting for a bill ordering Bush to begin withdrawing most American forces within 90 days. The bill failed to pass.
He is against making English the official language.

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