Laptop cases?

Ok so I just got a new laptop (cant liv without it!=b) and im doin sum travelin soon and I want to take it with me , can someone tell me where I can get a good (low priced)
Laptop case??thnx for helpin!

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Here's some under $50:

Have a good/safe trip !!

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I wouldn't get too cheap of a laptop case either.
You'll want to be careful on where you take it since you hear too many cases where people steal laptops. Be careful and have a safe trip.
Oh, good luck on finding a case. I would recomend getting a ccase that won't be see through.

if you use a laptop for too long does this happen?

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Be careful not to go too cheap on a laptop case. I recommend taking good care of it, which may mean spending a few dollars to protect it.

Lg viewty How do you put it on your laptop?
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try eBay...or google it?

LapTop Case

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