Who can give me some working pokemon saphire codes for vba?

I’m playing pokemon saphire on the vba emulator and I have been having no luck finding gameshark codes that work and that are real. Here is a list of codes I really need(ones with * are really important:

Steal trainers pokemon All items (espiecally master balls and rare candy) Exp gainer code Pokemon modifier codes Items mofifier codes Money codes All tms/hms*

Please help me by giving me codes that work on the vba and also provide the master codes for them. I’m desperate

Answer #1

ah cheater!!! ok seriously. I got the same emulator. try codebreaker. a lot more easier to use. if you give me like some time ( about 10 mins). I might be able to have a whole list of codebreaker cheat for you to use?

Answer #2

I can’t find none yet. it seem like all the website for the codes been shut down. if I find some ill let you know

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