Does Pokemon Diamond work with the Wii?

I know that the other versions like Ruby and Emerald could interface with the gamecube, but does the new Pokemon Diamond plug into the new Wii? I got hooked on the silly game and my nephews are playing the DS version of Diamond, but I really want to start playing too. It is pathetic, I know, but the game is addicting.

Answer #1

It’s called Pokemon Battle Revolution, and yeah, you’re DS and Wii will be wirelessly compatible for that useageness. And by the way, in case you didn’t know, after a certain point in the game you’ll be able to transfer pokemon from Ruby, Saphire, Emerald, FireRed, and Leafgreen to Diamond and Pearl using the DS’s dual slot feature.

Answer #2

You can import characters from the pokemon diamond or pearl versions into the wii, similar to being able to import sapphire or ruby into the gamecube.

The new pokemon game XD that diamond & pearl are compatible with is coming out the end of June…my kids can’t wait ;)

Answer #3

I was wondering if there is a component for the Wii that will allow for you to play Diamond/Pearl on your big screen, like you could do with Ruby/Sapphire. [Remember that Gameboy Advance add-on that you plugged into the bottom of your Gamecube and it allwoed you to play your Gameboy games on your television]

Answer #4

theres also a pokemon storing feature you can buy called “the pokemon ranch”

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