Who believes that sex without a condom feels better?


Just thought I’d make that clear to start off with. Anyway I’ve just recently gone on the pill and I was rather disappointed as it wasn’t any different really. Does it feel any better for guys without a condom? Or is this just a myth?


Answer #1

Yes, there’s a huge difference for guys, and there can also be a difference for girls, as well. I definitely prefer sex without a condom, but always remember: it’s not just about birth control, but also about protecting yourself (and your partner) from STDs. Only ditch the condom if you know your guy is clean.

Also, one upside of using a condom that most people neglect is the cleanup. Condoms are far easier to clean up after, so for some things (a quickie in the park, car, etc.) you might consider a condom just out of practicality.

Answer #2

yea it does for them lol my boyfriend told me that it feels different but I still make him wear one . unlike you im not on the pill but thinking about it what kind do you take and is it any good?

Answer #3

I think it’s called Microgynon. And I’ve been on it about a week (took it on the first day of my period so it’s effective immediantly) and so far I’ve not experianced any problems with it. It hurried my period up and made it less painful, and my skin feels much better. It’s apparently also a lot more effective than condoms if taken correctly it’s like 100% the only issue is rembering to take it but if you set an alarm on your phone or something it’s really not that much of a challenge. So far I would deffinately recommend it.

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