Why does my boyfriend want to have sex without condom?

Hi I am 17 years old and my boyfriend has recently asked if I wanted to have sex without a condom because he wants to have a baby with me. At first I thought he was kidding because he has always been responsible about wearing one. I am confused and just wondering why he would want to have a baby this youg of age. He is 19 turning 20 and I’ll be turning 18 here soon.

Answer #1

don’t do it. that’s all I say

Answer #2

It’s, really, got nothing to do with him. Having sex with or without a condom should be a mutual decision. If you don’t want to, then tell him. He may think he’s ready to be a father (which I highly doubt he really is), but you may not want to. If you’re not ready, then keep having safe sex. If he gets pissed off and yells and threatens to leave, then let him. You’re, honestly, still a bit too young to be having a baby. Make sure you’re both settled into sustainable jobs that pay well enough to be able to support a child before you go running off and getting pregnant. Basically, sit him down and tell him you’re not ready, that it should be a mutual decision and you’re not ready to take that leap, yet, because babies are more difficult and expensive than people think they are. Good luck, and practice safely. :)

Answer #3

omg! your only 17 so why would you want to have a kid so soon?? having a baby is a big responsibility and shouldnt be taken lightly. personally I think that you should wear a condom. or if not, start taking the pill or something. just dont rush into having kids without serious thought.

Answer #4

he want to feel the inside of you. thats what my bf say. he said that it feel warm inside of me and he gets better pleasure

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