Who are the most annoying people you've had to babysit?

Mine would have to be my cousin(9), my brothers(8and 1)

Answer #1

I babysat for a family with two boys, ages 6 and 7. The mother had a minute by minute schedule for me to do with them, including “craft time” where the boys were supposed to organize their photo albums. I was forced to leave the house with the boys and walk to the park when the maid came. When we came back, the boys wouldn’t follow their mom’s schedule, and decided to play seek and destroy the baby sitter instead. They hid behind a wall until I came around the corner looking for them. One grabbed my feet and the other jumped on my back and I went down. Then they kicked the crap out of me. When I got back on my feet, I threw them in their rooms for the rest of the time (about 15 minutes). Then the shrew of a mother came home and I told her what happened. She was pissed with me for not making them stick to the schedule. She told me to leave before she started screaming at me. Two weeks later, she tried to hire me back…HA!

Answer #2

my next door neighboors (ages 7, 5, and 3) They are obsessed with HSM2 and ask a million questions a minute. Plus their dog never shuts up.

Answer #3

my next door neighbors kid all they want to do is talk so me their doll collection or action figures or whatever and never what to go outside!!

Answer #4

my dad when hes drunk

Answer #5

this little girl who was 5 and she was the biggest brat ever !! everything always had to go her wayy !!

Answer #6

One time I had 2 baybsit a racesit white kid and he sed I wish my parents would let hood rats babysit me!!!

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