Tighter songs linkin park!!! Or jonas brothers ?

Who do you think is a has tighter songs linkin park!!! Or jonas brothers ?

Answer #1

Jonas brothers suck. Linkin park win hands down.

Answer #2

Linkin Park

Answer #3

Linkin Park for sure.

Answer #4

I’m not a ~huge~ fan of LINKIN parK but I have heard some songs… & the jonas bro’s… no offense to the people that actually like them [but I have no idea why their so famous cause my annoying lil cousin sings bettER than them] thatz MY opinion though…

Answer #5

linkin park totally especally their new one new divide. the jonas brothers are much less esperienced then linkin park

Answer #6

How is this even a contest? Linkin Park hands down because The Jonas Brothers SUCK… Linkin Park actually makes MUSIC, The Jonas Brother just like to TRY… but since they always fail they should just hang up their “music” career.

Answer #7

linkin park is tight they have purpose like the jonas brothers sing good but I just don’t like there songs there dumb no offense foe people who think other wise

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