White pubic hair!

Odd thing this.

I have recently had a bikini wax and the hairs have just started to grow back, But they have started come through white/colourless! The hairs are colourless for about 1mm, and then go back to my normal colour, so literally like I've had the tips bleached!

Can anyone shed any light on why this may have happened?
thx :-)

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I found out from a friend of mine who is a beautician...apparently the reason for the loss of colour is shock.

When the hair is ripped out, the follicle can receive a shock which results in the next few days of hair growth lacking in pigment - just like someone who goes through a trauma suddenly starting to find grey/white hairs.

As the follicle recovers, the pigment returns to normal and so only the tips of the new hairs are white.

Aliss- perhaps making sure you're really warm and relaxed when you wax would help- if you can relax the follicles then it may not be as traumatic...not sure of this but it makes sense I think!!!

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This is a first I've ever heard of that happening.Kind of odd I must say.Umm,maybe it had something to do with the chemicals in the wax?A change in your diet?Any sort of medications you may have taken?I wish I could be of some help.Maybe your body had a meeting and decided to pull a prank on you.lol.

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It could have been a gray hair (you can get them at any age, I'm 23 and have pulled gray hairs out before).
It could also be that that area has less pigment or color and it was just finer hairs that were growing.

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isnt it the chemicals in the wax that bleach the tips when they grow back ?

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whoa thats crazy, I had weird colored pubes before but thats because I dyed them

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nacho ninja. you seriously died your pubes?!? that is kinda wierd just saying. hahaha no offense meant.

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I have had the same experience, and it seems like the shock theory holds some merit because it never fails that the ones with white ends fall out easily and some already have a new hair without a white tip growing out of the same follicle.

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Anna, you are not alone!!! For the last 20 years I have kept my pubic area almost completely shaved. Recently I just haven't had the time to keep up, and OMG, I just noticed that over half of it has grown in completely white! I have never, ever seen this before, either, and I don't wax, just shave. I'm only 41 and haven't got a single grey or white hair on my head. Whether or not my pubic area is in shock or not, I certainly AM! LOL. So Anna, you are not alone!

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I have recived same problem after getting waxing of legs. they appered ofter 2 days. I got worried on seeing them, that it can b sum abnormality... but resaon I dont know,

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Omg! I get exactly the same thing. I wax my own bikini line and when they start to grow back the tops of my hairs are white but then the rest is the normal colour! I've been trying to find out why, but I have no clue :/ xxx

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