Why do pubic hairs have a white tip?

COMPLETELY RANDOM BUT… why does pubic hairs have a white tip? and why does hair that has been plucked before if you pluck em again, the tip is black… (this 2nd question is not about pubes< more about eyebrows, lol) … ??… answer pleezz!!! :-)

Answer #1

There’s several parts to a strand of hair. I believe it to be the root. I don’t know the answer to the 2nd one.

Answer #2

adamgaynproud: the hair that is white at the tip is called the hair follicle. The function of the hair follicle is to receive the blood supply from the body and feed the hair shaft.

Answer #3

the white tip is the actual root of the hair follicle, it is the sebaceous (oily) layer around it that looks white. it is also known as the bulb. this is wher the hair gets all its nutrients from. it is a good sign when you get the hair out right from the root (in the case of other hairs on the body-not the hairs on your head!!!) — (the hair takes longer to grow back too) when you pluck out an eyebrow hair (or any hair for that matter) and you only see black, it means you havent got the whole hair follicle out, which is the cause of the hair growing back quicker and has that ‘’spicky’’ feel. thats why waxing is a better option because 9 times out of 10 you will remove the whole hair follicle (the white tip shows).
and no, it is not a bad thing to be removing the whole hair follicle, it will grow back!

hope I helped and made sense!! :)

Answer #4

its not the tip its the root.. and the white is skin.

Answer #5

By the white tip on the pubic hair,do you mean after you pluck it? the tip that was in your skin? Thats because you probably got some skin cells when you plucked it.

I have no clue to the other questions.lol

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