How do you get white hair?

Can get white hair by dyeing your hair light blonde and then toning it or do you have to bleach it then tone it?

Answer #1

I didnt think you even had to tone it. If your hair is brown er black I think all you have to do is bleach it…a lot lol :/

Answer #2

umm not sure, but you can get it bleache if you go somewere to get it bleache. :P I looked it up online :P I dyed my hair black so like I really done know what to say, cause when I toning my hair it just makes it shinny.

Answer #3

umm dont bleach it, dye it, cause if you bleach it, it can mess up your hair for ever. my mom did it when she was little and her hair is thin and yeah.

Answer #4

erm, ok. but does it work the same? that’s what I’m asking.

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