White gooey stuff.

I’m 13 and I havent had my period. but I keep getting this white gooey stuff in my panties and sometimes on the paper when I wipe. is that normal?

Answer #1

It’s discharge and the start of it usually means you will be getting your period in the near future ( anything up to a year or two).

It the bodies way of cleaning itself and is 100% normal everyone gets it. If you notice that it is either grey, green or has a bad odour then see a doctor as it could be an infection.

Answer #2

yea thats just discharge and its perfectly normal 2 get that in your undies…soon you will get a brown patch or brown spots in ya undies and then you will see little red spots or a red patch and that means that your getting ya period 4 the first time…

Answer #3

It sounds like discharge and it’s quite normal.

However, if you notice any burning or itching, then it could be a yeast infection - you’d need to see a doctor if that happens.

Answer #4

yes this is normal and do you mean you havnt started you period or it is late? becuse if its just late then you know what that means ummm yea possible but if you just havnt started it should come between now and the end of 14

Answer #5

Yes some girls do have a white and somewhat thick discharge which is released from there. My girlfriend occasionally does, but she’s used to that and is not concerned. You shouldn’t be either :). Like ichibanarky said though; if any pain or discomfort involved, you might want to consult a doctor (or gynaecologist) about it.

Answer #6

It is a mucus discharge that occurs naturally to regulate/care for you reproductive system…

Answer #7

definitely normal.

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