When white clear stuff comes out of your vigena what this mean?

like what does it mean when the clear stuff shows on your pantys I dont get it

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Heaven Answers "when white clear stuff comes out of your vagina what this mean?"

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it means your a woman and your vah jay jay is sayin clean me lol every girl gets it =)

I have this white gooey stuff in my vagina!

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it's normal, it happens to every girl.

When I finger myself, I get white stuff come out, what is it?
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It could mean your wet and turned on...

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It's called discharge and it is normal. Every women gets it. The reason your vagina produces it is because it is a self cleaning organ.

If it's really uncomfortable for you, you can buy some panty-liners and feminine wipes to keep yourself feeling fresh down there.

Can you be pregnant and that white clear discharge still comes out?

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