What could the white bumps on my tattoo be from?

Answer #1

sores or blisters

Answer #2

Snds like little blisters

Answer #3

your question isnt very clear brother i would love to answer it if you take the trouble to explain a little more about the white bumps.

Answer #4

I’ve had that happen before with mine, sometimes tattoos will flare up even after years of having them. Just keep it clean and mousturized and dont pick at it.

Answer #5

Brother? Aha. And, I dont know how to really explain them and I cant get a good picture of them, they dont show up that well. They’re like, just white bumps, I cant really say much more. The tattoo is just a black ink tattoo on my inner bicept, I got it done like, four five months ago and for about two months Ive had a couple of these little bumps, some of them come and go and some of them are stuborn. Its fully healed, I dont try to do anything to the bumps, I put lotion on it at least once every other day because it brightens it up and I like it. Maybe if I stop putting lotion on it? I dont see why that would be a problem, the bumps are only in the ink too, but that doesnt have to mean its tattoo related, though right? I dont know, maybe I can get a good picture up tomorrow. =/

Answer #6

Nah. Thanks, though.

Answer #7

That’s what Ive been doing the whole time, now what?

Answer #8

How long has it been going on for?

Answer #9

A couple months.

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