Should I use cream for my yeast infection?

actually im not 100% sure its a yeast infection. im jus pretty sure beacuse of the itching and lots of discharge they seem like symptoms of one. I just asked about the cream and the pill becaue my next appiontment for the gyno isnt until next month and I feel like I need some help with this1. I never had a yeast infection before so im not really sure how the whole thing is. all I know is its not burning anymore its jus itches from time to time & I have lots of discharge. I would just like some opinions on what I should do/use. please&thank you!

Answer #1


Is this from another question? I think if you are experiencing itching and burning you should see your doctor. It could be a STD or something entirely unrelated.

If you can’t see the doctor, try the over-the-counter cream like Monistat. It should help and if it doesn’t, DEFINITELY see your doctor!

Answer #2

I wouldn’t advise ice cream

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