Do I have an external yeast infection?

Ok, From knowing my body for over 30 years I know when I have a yeast infection! However I am not itching inside of my virgina, only on the outter surface. I try not to scratch, but it itches sooo bad! I’ve tried every itch cream imaginable. I also tried Monastat cream just to cover all areas. However it still itches…my virgina is now a pinkish/gray color and and it has an odor! When I scratch a gray substance comes off! Will somebody please tell me what’s wrong

Answer #1

You should see your gyno. Ask your family doctor to refer you. It’s very possible for a yeast infection to live on the surface of your skin, and if thats the case, your doc would ask you to use a prescribed antifungal cream on it for 3 weeks without having sex. The friction of sex can cause surface yeasts to keep growing.

Do get examined, though. Don’t try to treat this one on your own.

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