Really good store for back to school clothes?

What is a really good store for back to school clothes.

Answer #1


or aeropostale, hollister and abercrombie & fitch.

if you aren’t into the whole “name brand thing” than Target often has cute clothes and so does Old Navy. Both are cheap stores. Avril Lavigns new line is really cute, too and you can find it at many chain sotres like Wal-Mart, K-Mart…etc.

Answer #2

my favorite store in american eagle outfitters. they have cute clothes and they are pretty reasonable prices. if you are looking for a cheaper store, then go to tj max, gabriel brothers, or marshalls, because those stores also have brand name clothes for cheaper prices.

Answer #3

From experience don’t buy those “cheap” clothes at TJ Maxx, Targer or none of those cause most clothes there are damaged clothing. I’ve bought a lot of jeans and crap from there. Fu*king waste of money!!

Answer #4

Limited 2!! Abercombie!! Basically any store that has cute clothes!! ~~~ :)

Answer #5

delias, urban outfitters, and wet seal really cute off beat clothes

Answer #6

American egal or holister will totally give you good fashion for scool =D

Answer #7

hollister, abercrombie, and aeropostale, and american eagle!

Answer #8

hollister!!! and they have great stuff on clearance now 2

Answer #9

thanks guys

Answer #10

hot topic

Answer #11

pacific sunn

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