Which is the Best Sport For Loosing Weight?

Which Sports Are Best For Loosing Weight? I Like Badminton And Tennis, Are They Any Good? Any Advice About Loosing Weight

Answer #1


Answer #2

…exercise… PERIOD. It doesn’t matter what form it takes. ANY exercise is better than NOTHING.

Answer #3

soccer… and cross country..

Answer #4

soccer/ lacrosse/ football, anything with alotta runnin

Answer #5

running, dancingg + gymnasticss. x

Answer #6

Something that uses all your body, volleyball, gymnastics, cheer, and weeding my garden. No, not me, you!

Answer #7

well there is cheer soccer cross country track vollyball tennis a lot of stuff I like cheer we sweat a lot in cc and cher

Answer #8

The main sport I know that I love is volleyball,when you have games in the sun,and seeing you jump arond a lot,it makes you sweat and also burn off some fat.

Answer #9

Tennis. I play Soccor, Basketball, cross Country and Tennis, And tennis is the best, I know.

Answer #10

gymnastics basketball soccer tennis(if you wanna build muscle) track those are the sports I play plus some others and I’m pretty thin hope I helped

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