Which highschool should I go2?

Okayy, so I go to school on an air force base, but live about 5miles from the base. The school I go2now, well they got to one school called central about20miles away. Where I live, they go to a highschool about 15miles away. My mom has to take me to school everyday. She would find it more convienant to go to larimore, that way I can catch the bus right in front of my house. I would have 1friend going2larimore, because I know nobody in my town. I just moved here this summer2my moms house, I use2live on base with my dad till he moved. I have many friends downtown and on base that would be going to central. Central is a lot bigger and has more clubs and stuff that I want to join, but my mom would still have to bring me2base. sometimes its inconvienant because my step dad is deployed a lot. I don’t know which school2go2. Any suggestions?(:

Answer #1

I would only have to drive 5miles, where she actually works. Then we wud get bussed downtown. Central also has more oppurtunitys. More sports, more musical things as in band,orchestra,drama/ I’m really into those kinda things, my mom says its up2me,since its only like10mins to drive, and she actually goes to work when she drives me.

Answer #2

tha more convenient one.. you can always make new friends.

think about how you and your mom are gonna struggle when she doesn’t want to drive all tha way out there.

and plus youre friends arent gonna help you get your education so go with what’s more convenient .

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