Which ear does a boy pierce his ear the right or left???

I am confused on it!!!which ear does a boy pierce his ear the left or right???

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I agree, just do both. that is hot

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peirce both it eliminates confusion and it hot

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I think you should get the left ear pierced

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a right ear thats pierced indicates that you are homosexual and a left ear would indicate that youre a guy who wants to look hot

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haha I agree both looks goood on most guys. but im pretty sure that a guy peirces his right ear to indicate that hes gay, just so ya know...so yeah either way..

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no not both!!

thats gay, you look like a girl get 2 piercings on 1 ear..
now thats hot
make sure the studs are silver if you get a hoop go for the think silver ones there hot..

and I thin the right ear is hot.. cause everyone gets the left see I have 4 on my left and 3 on my right but if I could go back in time I wouldve got 4 on my right

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