how many ear piercings do you have??

how many ear piercings do you have? I have 4 on each ear! they are at the very bottom where everyone usally gets theirs pierced @ and then right behind them is a piercing and then right in the middle is one then @ the very top!!

Answer #1

I have 5 piercings on my left ear,like one at the bottom and above it so on and so on,and on my right ear I have 6 piercings its just like my left ear then I have my cartilegde pierced and then I have my lip pierced and my belly button. im getting my stragus pierced in a week or so. :)

Answer #2

I have 2 on each ear and I want a belly button one as well but thatll be later.. I dont like piercing on the face because it makes you look different and people start judging you more

Answer #3

I only ave my ears pierced but want my lip pierced!

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