Which do i pick?

Kay so, I just killed my Ipod... Didn't mean to but yeah its in tech' hevean do to water damage. Anyways, I'm deciding between getting a Ipod touch or a laptop.
I would like the Ipod-T for notes, games, pic's, video's, internet and mostly music... plus I can't last without my music.
But the laptop could come in hand with school and taking notes, and I would still have internet and music... just not really the same.
I intend to get both... but within time.

Which one should I go for first?

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get tha touch you can do mad crap on it and its portable even tho tha laptop is 2 but tha touch is smaller and you can show it of not most people have a touch

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Take care of the needs, then take care of the wants. Taking notes on an iPod touch sounds pretty hellish. If you're going to be carrying around both anyway, start with the one you can actually get work done on.

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id love to be rich lol but id go for laptop

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