Where to go to get a belly ring at 13?

I wan’t to get my belly button pierced and my mom said It’s ok but I’m 13 and we don’t know where to go?”

Answer #1

Any professional piercer won’t pierce anyone under the age limit. They can get prosecuted for piercing under age if found out and if your mother signs the consent form illegally and gets caught, she will be in trouble to.

Answer #2

Actually you can’t i tried a tattoo shop and they won’t let you until your 14 cuz i was going to get mine done 2 years ago but they said i had to wait

-hope this helps

Answer #3

Tatoo shops usually have availible peircing. Since you are under 18 you will get a concent paper and have to go to a liscense(?) place… thats where i had to go to get mine. The people who work at the tatoo shop will know where to send you. Where ever you go, make sure they use a sterile techinique so it doesnt get infected. Goodluck!

Answer #4

like the sbove said u can go to an tatoo shop or u can go to a jewlery shop they do perceings there so try those places hoped i helped

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