Belly button ring pulled out can you get it redone?

If you had your belly button ring pulled out can you get it redone in same place

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My belly buttong ring was pulled out a few years ago - didn't hurt but lots of blood!!! Was yours definitely pulled out or did it migrate through the skin. Either way, yes you can have it redone, but it needs to COMPLETLY heal first. Your scar will be purple ish for a while. While it is purple you can't because it is still damaged tissue. But as it fades and hardens (seems plasticy or stretchy) you can. But it may hurt a lot more than when you first had it done because your scar is now tougher than skin!

You can have your belly button pierced around the sides. Piercings on the bottom are becoming more in the fashion than on top now.

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I dont know what to do io will not redone

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