Where should I go on summer vacation?

Where should I go on vacation this summer? I have the choice of absolutely anywhere in the world. Ahaha, where should I go?!!?! :)

Answer #1

I just went to athens, greece which was nice and istanbul, turkey they had a lot of shopping places nice people very salty water we( swam in the black sea) different foods pretty places I want to go back and stay longer then just 3 weeks

Answer #2

CURACAO<3 It’s an island in the Dutch Antilles, right next to Aruba. But it’s bigger then Aruba, we have beautiful beaches, an amazing city where you can shop really good, and it’s awesome to go out here. We have clubs on the beach and it’s always fun :D:D Seriously, I live here, and I neverr wanna leave<3

Answer #3

hawaii or italy

Answer #4

if you have enough money I would say new zeland its sooo cool or a beach

Answer #5

just go to a beach any beach

Answer #6

thailand, go to the Phi Phi Islands its where the movie “The Beach” was shot

the Island of Fiji

Answer #7

delhi is the best option to spend your vacation as there are many things to explore. must visit : http://www.sodelhi.com/dine to know more.

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