What age would your parents let you go on vacation

What age would your parents let you go on vacation with a bunch of girl friends without and adults?

Answer #1

Happy birthday!

Wow…you just turned 19 today…why do I get the funny feeling that:

  1. You had an account before ( I remember the question)
  2. You’re NOT 19
  3. Today isn’t your birthday.

Or am I wrong? If so, my bad…but, if you’re 19…really, you should be able to make your own decisions.

Answer #2

definitely 18 if is far from my house but I can go out with friends not in long vacations … btw in 15.

Answer #3

I actually AM 19. but my birthday isnt in april.

Answer #4

my parents would let me at age 18.

Answer #5

without ANY adults… probley 18

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