Where is there a site that lists what hourly wages can be?

Alright so the question is is there a website that lists what big companies (regionally) pay employees per hour per position?

I ask this because a lot of job applications I get ask what salary requirements I have, and I dunno what to put down thats reasonable for the position(s) I’m applying for. Its all very confusing.

Answer #1

If you check out payscale.com, they will tell you what people are making in a certain state, with a certain amount of time on the job, etc. Typically, I Google something like ‘’Bartender payscale’’ and it will be one of the top choices. You can also do the same with ‘’{job} salary’’. Salary.com is good as well. I just don’t like searching on either site on its own. It’s easier for me to use a search engine and go to the option that comes up for that particular job. If the search that comes up isn’t whet you wanted (say it’s yearly salary instead of hourly wage), just scroll to the bottom and they should have other categorizations available.

Note, this won’t tell you pay for specific companies, but at least there you can see what people are making in your position. Good luck.

Answer #2

Whenever they ask that, I put ‘Negotiable’.. just in case. I took a class in high school where they teach you how to write resumes, fill out applications and how to handle interviews, etc, and they said to put ‘’negotiable’’..

Answer #3

Yeah but what about an electronic application where they require you to type in a number?

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