Where is the best state to live in (weather wise)?

I’m moving out to the states, I was wondering where is the best state to live in? Weather wise, where there are four complete seasons (hot summers and cold winters)? Also business is good and culture has a variety?

Answer #1

Well Montana has all 4 seasons. Sometimes in one week. I have seen it go from 70^f at noon to a blizzard by the time I left work.

Answer #2

North Carolina does not get cold enought for a bacteria/virus kill off. I say the any portion of the States. Michigan - New York

Answer #3

Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina is Kiplinger magazine number 2 best place to live. June, July and August are hot and in Winter you may or may not see snow but it gets cold enough.

Answer #4

Hey dude miami is da best

Answer #5


Answer #6

North Carlinia.The beach is a bonus.The people are cool too.I live in Ohio,but my bff went there for a trip and she said it was…AWSOME!!!LOL!

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