Best place to live or where you been

Where do you think the best place in the us is to live. Or the best place you ever been

Answer #1

definetly the land down under… I.e Australia :)

Answer #2

Definetely Israel!! But as far as in the US, I loved NYC!!! I don’t think I would want to live there, though. Just visit :) I love living in Colorado, though. They have everything!

Answer #3

Australia… all I can say is wow!!!:O

IOts a beautiful country and the great barrier reef was amasing I was there new year last year and to see the view of the fireworks from sydny harbour off of the sydny bridge woow complete once in a life time !! Or maybe ill move there hehe

Answer #4

FLORIDA!!! beachs all day baby palm trees

everything disney hundreds of amusement parks

Answer #5

cape cod!!! best beaches ever!!!

Answer #6

Colorado due to the Winter snow season for snow skiing an Whit water rafting in the rockies in the Summer.

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