Where is Purgatory or Limbo in the Bible at all?

I have not once encountered any scripture or any detail regarding purgatory or limbo in the bible, which catholics talk about a lot.

Who here is catholic, and believes in Purgatory??? And if you do, can you please point out to me in which book, chapter, and specific verses in the bible which speaks of purgatory?

…because I find no evidence in the bible of one…and I question why you guys (catholics) even believe in it…

Answer #1

The idea of the soul transferring to a place of rest has roots in the Jewish traditions which spawned Christianity, so there’s always been some concept of purgatory present in Christian writings and teachings, even if it’s never literally mentioned in the Bible. It’s evolved steadily from a core idea that praying for the dead or making offerings will help them find rest in the afterlife. by the First Century, there are writings describing a physical place where souls remain until they are judged, even getting tastes of the reward or punishment that awaits them.

By the ninth century, purgatory had become a place where souls gain purity through the pain of physical flames before moving on to Heaven, the process of purification, from the Latin ‘purgatorium,’ ‘to purge’ eventually becomes the name of the place itself instead of the process of purification that takes place there. By the 12th Century, it had changed again, to a resting place for those who had sinned but had not committed mortal sin.

It was Thomas Aquinas in the 13th Century who is credited with establishing the modern Catholic definition of Purgatory, basically a waiting room where souls wait in limbo until they are released through the prayers of the faithful (or through monetary donations, which became quite a lucrative business for the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages).

As to why Catholics believe in it, there is more to the Catholic faith than what is in the Bible. For all it’s teachings, the Bible is not always a straightforward document. Theological scholars have spent thousands of years interpreting the text and what it means for humanity, passing on what they have learned through the Church. Maybe they interpreted it right, maybe they didn’t. Who can say? We’ll find out soon enough.

Answer #2

THESE ARE THE UN DENIABLE FACTS…and answers in the very BIBLE…

  1. They aren’t facts.
  2. They’re EASILY deniable (both bibles), because neither you nor anyone else can prove they’re right… plain and simple.
Answer #3

well im Cathoic and I was only ever told about pergatory when I was a cild. Its never been mentioned since. It seemed kinda like they thought it would be too mean to tell kids if they mess up they go to hell!

Answer #4

I was talking about limbo and I have died so I already know and just because you havent seen it doesnt mean that its not there you cant argue with something that you dont know

Answer #5

I was talking about limbo and I have died so I already know

No, you haven’t and no, you don’t…

just because you havent seen it doesnt mean that its not there

Just because you don’t understand the science behind the chemical processes that occur in the human brain and body, when they reach a ‘’near death’’ state, doesn’t mean that it (limbo) IS there.

you cant argue with something that you dont know

…that also means that YOU can’t argue FOR something you don’t know, either…

Answer #6

Oh if you mean the books in the bible that protestants read… there is NO purgatory…hell is just a huge lake of fire…not to say that it is any better in anyway…I’m just glad there’s no Pin Head like in Hell Raiser waiting to cut me up to bits of pieces (:-I

Answer #7

I just wanted to say I’ve been there and remember and so that all the belief I need.

makes cuckoo finger …living la chica loca…

Answer #8

You’ve been where? Purgatory? Limbo?

I think its weird that people believe in stuff like that. I’ll believe it when I see it.

I don’t know why, but I’m SO shure that when you die, you’re DEAD and there’s no more. Maybe it’s the way a person looks when he or she is dead. (before the corpse gets all suited up to show it off in an open coffin). It just looks so dead and gone and finished.

Answer #9

The Roman Catholic Bible has more books in it, than the modern Christian Bible. And the Greek Orthodox Bible has more books in it than the Roman Catholic Bible.

There are LOTS and LOTS of Bibles… you won’t understand unless you read ALL of them.

Answer #10

Since it isn’t in the Bible, you question why Catholics believe it.

But why do you accept what the Bible says? Your faith in the Bible is no better founded than the faith Catholics have in the authority of their church, which is to say, neither have any foundation at all.

Answer #11

I just wanted to say I’ve been there and remember and so that all the belief I need.

Answer #12

it dosent

Answer #13


Answer #14

it’s not in the Bible at all. why the catholics believe in it I’m not sure

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