Where is God?

Question for people who believe in God. Where is God?

Answer #1

I hope he’s not in my liver.

Answer #2

In you,around you,his sweat his your Blood.

Answer #3

That’s nice blondie1125.

Answer #4

The kingdom of God is within you.

Answer #5

Apparantly… according to christians… everywhere at all times.

Answer #6

God is everywhere, hes always been there from the beginning. He never leaves your side and when you make friends with jesus, he wont leave you either. you can’t see him but hes within your heart and as long as you belive he will protect you :)

Answer #7

see the thing with god is that he created us but at the same time he gave us free will. that means we can choose to either follow him or follow so other thing. To answer your question God is a spirit and the greatest things are unseen. I am a christian and I feel him in my heart.

Answer #8

Where is god???

Apparently Always there when good things happen to people And nowhere in sight when bad things happen to them!

Lucky god always in a win, win situation!

Don’t know when people are going to realize he is living in Their heads! ;-)

Answer #9

matter and all things around you are existing. we know they exist. (for example the desk and computer I type on)

by the simple knowledge that we understand that we..as humans..know..these things exist, give us a conscious mind. a consciousness.

the Lord bieng the creator of all things, can be found in all things he created. why?

because without Him, there would never be what there is now. we know that He is in all these things because we have a conscious that understands these things.

and therefore God is all around you, for if he didnt exist, niether would the matter around you (or things you can feel, touch, smell, ect.)

if he didnt exist, we wouldnt have a consciousness.

if he wasnt all around us, there would be no dimension for us to live in.

Answer #10

I truely whole heartedly believe in God. I believe he is everywhere and is infinate. I believe that he is with us always especially in our times of need, because if he wasn’t I wouldn’t be alive today, and niether would my father. I believe he does everything for a reason, and what is meant to be will always find its way. I understand that you may be going through a period of doubt. I was also up until recently. I truely believe that God saved my life and my father’s for a reason.

Answer #11

In times of trouble why do we need to turn our faces toward the sky? What Islam teaches about God is different. Muslims do not believe that God is everywhere, they believe that God is above the heavens, He is most High and He is above all His creation and God is within His creation by His knowledge and power. That does not mean that God is contained by any sort of physical dimensions. God is distinct and separate from His creation, and there is nothing like Him.

Answer #12

Hello. God is a spirit.. He is so much greater than you can imagine. He has changed my life in such an awesome way!! Not just mine but also my family. He is the one who gave us all breath, He breathed life into man. There are some questions that I always said I would ask Him, wh en the time came. Now, all I have to do is love. and obey HIs word, and I am understanding a lot now, today. He is an orderly God who is jealous. This means He demands exclusive loyalty. Who doesn’t? I know I want my husband to be loyal to me, and any man or woman who are in a serious relationship, understand this. So why not God? The problem is that people just want to keep sinning and expect God to bless them. If we read the word we will understand that it says if you sin you do not know God. I John is full of wonderful scriptures, please read sometime. I have to go now but just kknow that the day I called out to Him in total desperation, He heard my cry and delivered me of all my fears and sin. In an instant I was made new. A girl who did not love anyone, not even my self, who was depressed , suicidal, I was bound to secret sins and I was so ashamed thinking that I would not be received by God. He knows that we are sinners in need of a savior, that is why He sent His Son. He came down in Human form as a man named Jesus. It is by receiving him that we have access to God. All I know is that if you seek Him sincerely, you will definantley find Him. Just be sincere and open to HIs word, and you will totally start to know Him, and Love Him. I could never repay HIm for all He has done in my life, so I dedicate my life to speaking to whoever about His awesome power!!! There are no limits in Him. Thanks for your time. Have a fgreat day!!! So if I did not answer clearly, god can dwell in us, through His Holy Spirit. This is the best feeling ever. Peace, hope and love.

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